Boat Rental

It is possible to rent most of our boats without the need for a licence or a professional skipper on board.

Renting our boats and RIBs is the best way to discover all the hidden places of the island that would otherwise be inaccessible and not visible from the mainland (about 50 per cent of the island’s coastline is only visible by boat).

Don’t know the island? Wouldn’t know where to start? No problem, our team will show you the map of the island in detail and the complete functioning of the boat on the day of hire.

Would you like to visit Procida as well? No problem, just let our team know and they will give you details of the Procida map and all the advice you need.

If you are interested in navigating our seas in complete autonomy, choose the model most suitable for you among

For any information or to receive a quote, please fill out our CONTACT FORM and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Full day 09:00am – 06:30pm
Half-day 09:00am – 01:30pm / 02:00pm – 06:30pm (limited availability)

If you prefer to have an experienced captain on board, please consider our service TOURS WITH SKIPPER.